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• if Excel is involved
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the solution is clear - LOSNINGEN


Welcome to LOSNINGEN, your go-to team of Excel experts specializing in user-friendly analysis. Our mission is simple: to meet your needs with precision and efficiency

For us, being user-friendly means meeting your needs. Whether you're seeking a simple, easy-to-use tool or a more sophisticated solution, we tailor our approach to avoid unnecessary complexity. If you're an Excel enthusiast, we're eager to collaborate with you to create state-of-the-art tools.

At LOSNINGEN, we take pride in delivering exactly what you need, without overwhelming you with unnecessary features. Our dedication to simplicity guarantees that your journey with us is straightforward and efficient. From processing ERP raw data to delivering streamlined outputs, we navigate the entire Excel journey with transparency and expertise, regardless of the complexity.

With extensive experience in supply chain management, we excel in handling production, inventory, logistics, and sales data. Additionally, our expertise extends to ledger management, where we simplify bookkeeping processes and generate various output tables.

Choose LOSNINGEN for a tailored Excel experience designed to meet your unique needs

Established in 2020 by Kristian Heldt, LØSNINGEN ApS is a Limited Liability Company committed to simplifying and enhancing data transparency.

At LØSNINGEN, our dedication revolves around making the intricacies of data easily accessible and transparent for our clients.

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