Most of what we do revolves around Excel, for instance:
  • Loading raw data from databases and ERP systems to Excel - and easy to manage
  • Creating a good overview of your data
  • Reporting in a broad sense
  • Management reporting
  • Making complex spreadsheets user-friendly
  • Making cumbersome and complex formulas understandable
  • Cleaning and establishing the "red thread"
  • Creating and customizing simple tools for important analytics
  • Maintenance of spreadsheets
  • Excel training . Learning and peer training
  • Preparation of documentation and step-by-step manual
  • Hotline Service

Normally we work with an hourly rate, fixed price and a subscription can be arranged, if required.

We offer a non-binding first meeting (1 hour), naturally it is free of charge:

  • To see if we are a good match
  • Review of your challenges
  • Talk about how LOSNINGEN can suit you in the best way