About Løsningen ApS

LØSNINGEN ApS was founded in 2020 by Kristian Heldt.

In Danish Løsningen means "The Solution" - Løsningen is often the solution

Kristian established LOSNINGEN based upon his substantal experience working with huge masses of complex data.

Excel, Reporting and Analyzing are our core competences. Kristian is an excel-nerd, who can manage to make the unmanageable manageable. 

Our strength is to make enormous amounts of data systemized, structured, analyzed and presented in a simple way.

Our goal at LOSNINGEN is to make your process and end-product transparent and easy to use.

Kristian has a background as a Controller and Analyst for large companies and holds a MBA and B.Sc. in Economics.

Previously Kristian worked with Data Processing and Financial Assignments for Maersk Data and IBM.