About Løsningen ApS

LØSNINGEN ApS was founded in 2020 by Kristian Heldt. In Danish, "Løsningen" translates to "The Solution," reflecting our commitment to providing effective solutions.

Kristian established LOSNINGEN based on his substantial experience working with vast amounts of complex data, including experience in financial areas, supply chain management, and data processing

Our core competencies lie in Excel, Reporting, Analysis. Kristian, an Excel enthusiast, excels in transforming the unmanageable into the manageable.

Our strength lies in systematizing, structuring, analyzing, and presenting massive data sets in a simplified manner.

At LOSNINGEN, our goal is to render your processes and end-products transparent and user-friendly.

Kristian brings a background as a Controller and Analyst for large companies, holding an MBA and B.Sc. in Economics.

Previously, Kristian worked with Data-Processing and Financial Assignments for Nilfisk, Maersk Data and IBM.

Going into 2024 we will expand our toolbox by the use of AI technology.